Sunday, September 4, 2016

First Graders Love Science!

Hello First Grade Families,
Our science focus for 1st Quarter is Life Sciences and I couldn't be more excited.  We are going to learn about plants and animals through reading, writing, art, experiments and lots of fun, hands-on investigations.  I went shopping this weekend to pick up some of our supplies (Thanks to my dad, who has given our class a little bit of money to use on S.T.E.M. projects this year.)

 I'm sending home a letter in this Tuesday's folder about VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES in our classroom (some weekly, some "one-time" events) - including some science activities.  I hope you will join us for some learning fun.  Even if you can't join us, we would like to ask your support on a project we have currently posted to  (Donorschoose is an amazing organization that helps classrooms do great things... my classes have benefited from dental health materials, writing curriculum, books, art supplies, reading games, and science learning projects... all supported by people across the country who want to help kids and make their educations the very best they can be.) Our first grade would like to study owls, their life cycles, habitats ... and we would especially LOVE to dissect owl pellets.  You can read about our project here: 

If you know anyone who might like to support this learning experience, please pass this along. You are welcome to post it to social media. Thanks!

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